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Friday qualifiers have been removed due to low numbers

Presenting: Automatic tournaments by RLStats

We are proud to present automatic in-game tournaments for all our fellow rocketeers.
Winners will get a prize in keys. Participating in these tournaments is completely free.

How it works

You can find our tournaments 6 days before the start in the in-game public tournament listings for 3v3.
The name will be something like 'RLStats Qualifier # | Info: RLStats.net/tour' and the creator is 'RLStats' with our logo.

Our tournaments will consist of multiple qualifiers, each with a small prize.
Qualifiers will alternate days(Fri/Sat/Sun) and start times(7/9/11pm CEST), so everyone has a fair chance.

Qualifiers will reward the winning team with 3 keys. Prizes are paid out of our own pockets, so donations are appreciated.

Tournaments will be on EU servers(sorry America, maybe next time), joinable by anyone from any region.
All qualifier matches will be Bo3.
Top 2 teams will qualify themselves for the final tournament.

Qualified players will be contacted on their steam account by our tournament organizer, Drogings.
We will never ask for any account details or ask you to login anywhere.

If you encounter any issues you can contact us via our Discord server or send an email to Tournaments@RLStats.net.

The final tournament

The final tournament will be a private tournament or a sequence of private matches.
The prize pool will be bigger for this tournament but has not yet been decided. Prizes are paid out of our own pockets, so donations are appreciated.
All finals matches will be Bo5.

More details will be created in consultation with the qualified teams.


By playing in our(RLStats) tournaments, you agree to all of the rules defined below.

    1 - Participation
    Teams finishing first or second in one of the qualifiers will earn them a spot in the final tournament.

    Players can only qualify for the final tournament once. So if a player ends first or second in qualifier 2, that player will not be allowed to partake in any later qualifier. Players who participate anyway will be banned. The offending player his team will be disqualified from the final tournament. Players(that do not have a ban) in this team are allowed to participate in future qualifiers to reclaim their spot. Prizes for winning the qualifiers will not be granted to these players anymore.

    2 - Match procedure
    All matches follow the in-game tournament rules.
    We will be playing default soccar with no mutators.
    Matches will be played on EU servers with a random standard map.
    Qualifiers will be Bo3 and all matches in the final tournament will be Bo5.
    We are allowed to stream any tournament match on our Twitch.

    3 - Rules and Violations
    Any form of verbal harassment will result in a ban for the specific player.
    Team/Player names with offensive or racist content will result in a ban for the player responsible for the name.

    If you encounter any team/player not adhering to these rules, please report them with valid proof on our Discord server or send an email to Tournaments@RLStats.net.

    4 - Sanctions
    Players can receive bans for offenses specified above.
    Banned players will not be allowed to partake/win in any of our tournaments. Doing so will not allow their team to qualify nor earn prizes. The next runner up team will qualify and earn the prize instead.

    Admins can hand out bans and disqualifications at their sole discretion. Meaning that players don't necessarily have to break one of the above-specified rules.

    Admins decisions are irrevocable and should be executed without delay.