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Rocket League X RLStats Year In Review

Presented by RLStats

Welcome to Rocket League Year in Review! An entire year of new content and amazing milestones we pulled off while playing this high-octane soccar game.

This year the entire RL community played a combined total of over 33.8 million hours!

Rocket League Content

Just like every year, this year Psyonix added a lot of new content to the game. A lot of this content was made in collaboration with other brands. The list is quite large, so we summed up what we thought were the most noteworthy down below.

Season 9: Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice) December 7, 2022
Season 9
Frosty Fest
Lofi Girl Frosty Fest December 14, 2022
Bugatti Centodieci DLC December 19, 2022
Bugatti Centodieci
Neon Nights
Cochise Neon Nights January 25, 2023
Postparty Released (PS/Xbox) February 9, 2023
(PC) August 1, 2023
AC Milan
AC Milan x Puma x Koché DLC March 8, 2023
Season 10: Deadeye Canyon (Oasis) and Volkswagen Golf GTI March 8, 2023
Season 10
Neo Tokyo: Aftermarket March 20, 2023
Drive Days (with Community Contest) April 26, 2023
Drive Days
Star Wards Droids
Star Wards Droids DLC May 4, 2023
Fast & Furious Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat DLC May 17, 2023
Fast & Furious Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
Season 11
Season 11: Estadio Vida and Nissan Silvia June 7, 2023
Transformers Bumblebee DLC June 14, 2023
Transformers Bumblebee
Rocket League's 8th Birthday
Rocket League's 8th Birthday June 28, 2023
RLCS 2022-23 - World Championship August 3, 2023
RLCS 2022-23 - World Championship
Bundesliga DLC August 9, 2023
Puma Football Kit DLC August 24, 2023
Puma Football Kit
Season 12
Season 12: Neo Tokyo (Hacked) and Porsche 911 Turbo September 6, 2023
Midnight Order: Aftermarket September 26, 2023
Midnight Order: Aftermarket
Haunted Hallows
The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Hallows October 18, 2023
Lightning McQueen DLC November 7, 2023
Lightning McQueen
Removal of P2P Trading December 5, 2023


Throughout the year, individual players can gain an impressive numbers of stats. Here is an overview of what the 647,401 players we tracked accomplished this year combined!

They had Wins 186,255,692 Wins
They got MVPs 82,947,526 MVPs
They shot Shots 1,115,805,483 Shots
They scored Goals 500,426,336 Goals
They gave Assists 188,882,930 Assists
They made Saves 436,878,344 Saves
They finished 45% of their Shots
They were MVP 45% of their Wins

If we look at our lifetime stats combined, we've also passed some big milestones this year together!

We scored Goals 4+ Billion Goals
We made Saves 3+ Billion Saves
We shot Shots 9+ Billion Shots


Of course ranked is an important part of this game. The players we track played a grand total of 2 ranked matches this year. Here is an overview of their average gains and/or losses.

Reward Level Platinum Wins 0/10-1
Platinum Platinum
1v1 Duel Platinum III Division I-1 816+32 2 Matches
Platinum III Platinum III
2v2 Doubles Diamond III Division II-2 1062-59 5 Matches
Diamond III Diamond III
3v3 Standard Diamond II Division II+0 991-6 -8 Matches
Diamond II Diamond II
Tournament Diamond III Division II-2 1060-50 -3 Matches
Diamond III Diamond III
2v2 Hoops Platinum III Division I-1 762-7 -2 Matches
Platinum III Platinum III
3v3 Rumble Platinum III Division IV+0 837+0 2 Matches
Platinum III Platinum III
3v3 Dropshot Platinum II Division I+9 740+160 3 Matches
Platinum II Gold II
3v3 Snow Day Platinum I Division I+12 738+150 3 Matches
Platinum I Gold I

Ending Words

RL Logo

Thanks to the entire Rocket League community for making this game what it is.
Special shout outs to:

  • The entire laid off staff at Psyonix and Epic! It's sad to see you go, we appreciate all your hard work!
  • The winners of the RLCS 2022-23 World Championship: Alpha54, Radosin, Zen and coach Ferra!
  • The winners of the CRL 2023 World Championship: Fabso, pzy, Zeddo and coach Phoenix!
  • The winners of the Drive Days Community Contest: CardinalTrap, Daventus, Destiny, Ethnogeny, Hurricane and TallAle!
  • See you next year!