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Epic Sotex.

RL Logo Rocket League
Avatar Sotex.

Rocket League X Sotex. Year In Review

Presented by RLStats

Welcome to Sotex.'s Year in Review! An entire year of amazing things they pulled off while playing this high-octane soccar game.


Of course ranked is an important part of this game. Sotex. played a grand total of 5377 ranked matches this year. Here is an overview of their gains and/or losses.

Reward Level Supersonic Legend
Supersonic Legend Supersonic Legend
1v1 Duel Grand Champion I Division IV-3 1224-41 102 Matches
Grand Champion I Grand Champion II
2v2 Doubles Grand Champion III Division IV+2 1874+96 5046 Matches
Grand Champion III Grand Champion III
3v3 Standard Grand Champion I Division II-9 1488-339 146 Matches
Grand Champion I Grand Champion III
Tournament Grand Champion III Division III-2 1807-81 75 Matches
Grand Champion III Supersonic Legend
2v2 Hoops Champion III Division IV-6 1088-73 4 Matches
Champion III Grand Champion II
3v3 Rumble Diamond I Division IV-6 862-91 0 Matches
Diamond I Diamond III
3v3 Dropshot Platinum II Division IV+5 692+64 0 Matches
Platinum II Platinum I
3v3 Snow Day Unranked Division I+0 562+174 4 Matches
Unranked Unranked


Throughout the year, players can gain an impressive numbers of stats. Here is an overview of what Sotex. has been doing.

They had Wins 2625 Wins
They got MVPs 1345 MVPs
They shot Shots 20260 Shots
They scored Goals 7437 Goals
They gave Assists 3618 Assists
They made Saves 9843 Saves
They finished 37% of their Shots
They were MVP 51% of their Wins

We've analyzed player playstyles based on their stats compared to the player base in their rank.

In 2023 Sotex. was...

An Assisting Guardian

Assists Assists

You like supporting your team by making saves and giving passes! You don't take too many shots of your own. You try to be an ideal team player! A well deserved title for a player like you!

See you next year!