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Epic ZeusLordRival Updated 0 minutes ago




Data Driven

E-Brake Expert

Blossoming Bud

Fully Flourished

Club information is currently no longer available.

Stats (Total)

Wins MVPs Goals Assists Saves Shots
151 Wins 81 MVPs 596 Goals 129 Assists 391 Saves 1,146 Shots
Season 12

Skill Rating

Grand Champion

Grand Champion

Season Reward Level

0/10 Wins

Win at Supersonic Legend Rank to Advance

1v1 Duel2v2 Doubles3v3 StandardTournaments
Grand Champion IGrand Champion IIUnrankedUnranked
Division IDivision IVDivision IDivision I
~1 1163 ~16~12 1688 ~18100100
Grand Champion IGrand Champion IIUnrankedUnranked
Matches Played: 19Matches Played: 181Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Loss Streak: 1Loss Streak: 1Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0
2v2 Hoops3v3 Rumble3v3 Dropshot3v3 Snow Day
Division IDivision IDivision IDivision I
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Win Streak: 2Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0
Rating 1207

Rating Progress


Update History

Updated Playlist Matches Rating Change
12 days ago Season Reward 1 Wins -6
12 days ago Duel 7 1163 164
12 days ago Doubles 79 1688 27
17 days ago Season Reward 0 - Wins 6
17 days ago Doubles 8 1661 36
18 days ago Season Reward 1 Wins -8
18 days ago Duel 12 999 899
18 days ago Doubles 4 1625 -20