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Epic ZoicShears Updated 0 minutes ago



Data Driven

Club information is currently no longer available.

Stats (Total)

Wins MVPs Goals Assists Saves Shots
116 Wins 67 MVPs 108 Goals 17 Assists 11 Saves 144 Shots
Season 12

Skill Rating

Supersonic Legend

Supersonic Legend

Season Reward Level

1v1 Duel2v2 Doubles3v3 StandardTournaments
UnrankedSupersonic LegendUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Division IDivision IDivision IDivision I
100~54 1918 ~129100~53 1918 ~98
UnrankedSupersonic LegendUnrankedUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 138Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 3Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0
2v2 Hoops3v3 Rumble3v3 Dropshot3v3 Snow Day
Supersonic LegendUnrankedUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Division IDivision IDivision IDivision I
~29 1304 ~27100100~45 1305 ~9
Supersonic LegendUnrankedUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Matches Played: 11Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 10
Win Streak: 4Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 4
Rating 680

Rating Progress


Update History

Updated Playlist Matches Rating Change
21 days ago Tournament 0 1918 1818
26 days ago Snow Day 10 1305 1205
36 days ago Hoops 11 1304 1204