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Epic Zenwithtaperfade Updated 0 minutes ago



S11 Grand Champion

S9 Grand Champion

S8 Grand Champion

S10 Grand Champion

Highly Technical

Data Driven

The Inspector



Finely Tuned


Frost Boss


S8 Tournament Winner

Fully Flourished

Sole Survivor




Crit Hitter

E-Brake Expert


Fire Flier


Club information is currently no longer available.

Stats (Total)

Wins MVPs Goals Assists Saves Shots
772 Wins 550 MVPs 1,879 Goals 887 Assists 1,939 Saves 4,608 Shots
Season 12

Skill Rating



Season Reward Level

3/10 Wins

Win at Champion Rank to Advance

1v1 Duel2v2 Doubles3v3 StandardTournaments
UnrankedGrand Champion IGrand Champion IIUnranked
Division IDivision IVDivision IIIDivision I
517~13 1549 ~9~19 1664 ~1100
UnrankedGrand Champion IGrand Champion IIUnranked
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 39Matches Played: 67Matches Played: 0
Loss Streak: 2Loss Streak: 1Win Streak: 2Win Streak: 0
2v2 Hoops3v3 Rumble3v3 Dropshot3v3 Snow Day
UnrankedUnrankedChampion IUnranked
Division IDivision IDivision IDivision I
100100~2 896 ~3869
UnrankedUnrankedUnrankedChampion IUnranked
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 1Win Streak: 3
Rating 1136

Rating Progress


Update History

Updated Playlist Matches Rating Change
15 hours ago Season Reward 1 Wins -1
15 hours ago Standard 21 1664 -24
1 days ago Season Reward 0 - Wins 1
1 days ago Standard 2 1688 -1
2 days ago Season Reward 1 Wins -4
2 days ago Standard 13 1689 -13
47 days ago Season Reward 1 Wins 2
47 days ago Doubles 14 1549 74
47 days ago Standard 1 1702 11