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Epic he11o_rl Updated 0 minutes ago



Data Driven

E-Brake Expert

Club information is currently no longer available.

Stats (Total)

Wins MVPs Goals Assists Saves Shots
197 Wins 152 MVPs 44 Goals 0 Assists 12 Saves 59 Shots
Season 12

Skill Rating

Supersonic Legend

Supersonic Legend

Season Reward Level

1v1 Duel2v2 Doubles3v3 StandardTournaments
UnrankedGrand Champion IIIUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Division IDivision IVDivision IDivision I
100~6 1837 ~23100~26 1891 ~125
UnrankedGrand Champion IIIUnrankedUnrankedSupersonic Legend
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 383Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Win Streak: 0Loss Streak: 3Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0
2v2 Hoops3v3 Rumble3v3 Dropshot3v3 Snow Day
Division IDivision IDivision IDivision I
Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0Matches Played: 0
Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0Win Streak: 0
Rating 695

Rating Progress


Update History

Updated Playlist Matches Rating Change
46 days ago Doubles 65 1837 -54
54 days ago Tournament 0 1891 1791
56 days ago Doubles 57 1891 50
56 days ago Season Reward 1 Wins -5
56 days ago Doubles 126 1841 -29
64 days ago Season Reward 5 Wins 5
64 days ago Doubles 115 1870 -6